Emerging Talent | Moto Guo

Emerging Talent

Today I’m going to talk about one of the emerging talents from non-other then my home country, Malaysia. Moto Guo was an old acquaintance that I knew back while I was still in Raffles College in Kuala Lumpur, and I’m definitely proud to say now he’s an upcoming talented designer in both Asia and Europe. And most recently He just got back from a showcase in White Milano on his latest men’s wear collection. Moto graduated in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur with his graduation collection that made the headline of local newspaper and fashion industry. “Out Like A Light” was the collection where he aced it with perfection and surprisingly he took inspiration from his childhood story where he was battling obesity at a young age and sleeping disorder -clinomania and sleep paralysis was one of the condition he has to go through while battling his illness. He explore this inspiration through silhouette & shapes, details and techniques in the collection. His collection was a combination of geeky, preppy style which stays true to his personalities a wacko inside but with true talent. The collection was not the usual Savile Row style you’re expecting to see. And his latest collection is definitely a continuation of his boyish and quirky style. “A litho Odd” was showcase in Milan during January, a collection filled with delicate details and couture-techniques.
He took inspiration from the attachment food, the slight and small details on the garments were an creative impulse on food and candies he loves and craves, from caviars to jelly beans. He also combines different fabric to create a subtle sillohuette for his collection.tumblr_nj52d7jGfv1t6cybto1_1280 (1)Moto Guo A/W 15 Floating Jellybean Sweatshirt


Moto Guo A/W 15 Caviar Bubble Sweatshirt

He’s definitely a talented young designer that you should keep an eye out for.
Please Visit his tumblr for more information and collection.

Image Source: Moto Guo

Runway Reviews : Rick Owens A/W 15 Menswear

Runway Reviews


As we know everyone been making such a big fuss on Rick Owen’s latest men’s wear collection.
There is only one word I can say “Oh please! that’s just some wang showing
Well of course, not everyone is cool and calm about wangs on runway like me.
I could definitely say this might not be a common occurrence in the fashion scene, but remember Huissen Chalayan’s 1998 Burka fashion show where models were bearing a naked bottom while wearing a hijab sort of clothing. That pretty much make more statement then this. hussein_chalayan

And yet, no one really bat’s an eye while naked female models were walking down the runway half naked,
But instead people are making such a big statements about a few wang walking down the runway that actually isn’t that visible unless you flip those jacket open and be like “HERE, this is the wang!!” But nevertheless, due to viral regramming on instagram and retweets on twitter, people can’t help but to hyped about this free wang show on Rick Owens.
Personally, I find the response amusing but nevertheless its just a fashion show trying to showcase Rick Owen’s originality and ideology.

If you want to join in the crowd for shamming the show, you can possible #dickowens on twitter.

Image Source: http://www.style.com/fashion-shows/fall-2015-menswear/rick-owens

Runway Models : Kendall Jenner

Runway Models

So Kendall Jenner is the next big thing in fashion industry, WOW that came in a shock.
I know this came in a little late for me, but I haven’t openly discuss about what I thought of her as a child reality star turn high fashion runway model. Of course I have been following those news about her Marc Jacob A/W 14 nipple-showing runway walk.


Marc Jacob A/W 14

And even more recently FHM ranked Kendall higher in the list of sexiest women alive then her half sister that we all know, in case you been living under the rock for some time, but you’d guess it. Yup it’s Kim Kardashian. While not hating on the Kardashians clad, I do think Kendall Jenner has the physique and attitude to become a great runway model. Look at all this runway walk that she did. Pretty convincing huh!


Givenchy A/W 2014

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Chanel A/W 2014

So what do all of you think? is Kendall Jenner gonna make it or break it?