Runway Reviews : Rick Owens A/W 15 Menswear

Runway Reviews


As we know everyone been making such a big fuss on Rick Owen’s latest men’s wear collection.
There is only one word I can say “Oh please! that’s just some wang showing
Well of course, not everyone is cool and calm about wangs on runway like me.
I could definitely say this might not be a common occurrence in the fashion scene, but remember Huissen Chalayan’s 1998 Burka fashion show where models were bearing a naked bottom while wearing a hijab sort of clothing. That pretty much make more statement then this. hussein_chalayan

And yet, no one really bat’s an eye while naked female models were walking down the runway half naked,
But instead people are making such a big statements about a few wang walking down the runway that actually isn’t that visible unless you flip those jacket open and be like “HERE, this is the wang!!” But nevertheless, due to viral regramming on instagram and retweets on twitter, people can’t help but to hyped about this free wang show on Rick Owens.
Personally, I find the response amusing but nevertheless its just a fashion show trying to showcase Rick Owen’s originality and ideology.

If you want to join in the crowd for shamming the show, you can possible #dickowens on twitter.

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